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8240 hangs up

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  • 8240 hangs up

    My 8240 locks up after several hours of inactivity. I have the Weaknees 1000GB (1TB) External Hard Drive & Scientific Atlanta 8240 HDC. My cable supplier is Time Warner, Raleigh NC. I think the 8240 is using the navigator operating system.

    The hang-up doesn’t occur until I press “list”. Then, “Show list” is displayed but no programs are displayed and the8240 will not respond to the remote. The only way I’ve been to recover is to reboot the 8440. Is there some way to reset the 8240 by pressing & holding a couple of keys? I vaguely recall reading that somewhere but don’t remember here I saw it.

    The external disc is working. It shows about 25% full. I have more picture breakup on HD channels than I had without the external disc but it doesn’t occur very often and doesn’t last very long. It is a little annoying but I can live with it. I am retired and don’t like many current shows so I record a lot of old movies; I really like the additional capacity.

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    I'm not aware of a method of resetting the unit other than just pulling the plug, but we have very little experience with those cable boxes. Sorry.


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      My 8240 continues to hang up (see my August 2010 post. It is very annoying. I I have disconnected the unit -- marked it off as an expensive mistake. Am I the only one with this problem? Does weaknees or SA have firmware updates that addresses this problem?



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        We do not deal with this unit, as it's a cable-company issued box and the software versions vary from cable co to cable co. You should contact your cable company and get the box replaced. Most of these are leased from the cable co I'd just call them and let them deal with your broken unit.

        If the problem continues, then it's an issue with the s/w version they are using. You can try to see if they have a different model SA; some cable cos deploy multiple models.


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          I tried a different cable box -- same result --- The cable boxes work (I've never had a hang-up) without your equipment. As an Electrical Engineer, (BSEE, MSEE, MBA) I spent over 40 years designing, testing and trouble shooting electronic equipment; and don't want to spend my retirement troubleshooting your equipment ... as I said, I disconnected your device and will live with lower capacity until someone can provide me with something that works.


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            Will my weaknees unit (328E-SU2eS) for the 8240 work with the Tivo premier?

            I've decided to give up on the SA 8240.


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              I switched to the Tivo premier an don't need my 328E-SU2eSdrive -- can this drive be used on my PC (Windows 7) for additional storage capacity? (your sales agent suggested this)? I connected it to my PC using a USB cable but the PC did not recognize that a device had been connected. I contacted your customer support and the agent said you do not provide support for connecting drives to PC Are there drivers available that would provide this connection?


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                I think we have already corresponded with you by email and phone.


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                  I haven't received an Email from you--- my only phone contact was your technical support -- the agent said that you do not support connecting your unit to a PC -- I was hoping someone there could give me some suggestions on how I could to use this unit. It is a simple question: will the unit work using the USB Connection on a windows 7 PC?

                  my email: [email protected]
                  phone: 919-435-8562