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usb stick and screws

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  • usb stick and screws

    I don't understand why we get the usb stick. The directions say to use it after we install the drive? How is that going to save our data. I didn't know at first and it doesn't even have enough memory to transfer the data anyway. 512 mb, really? So I deleted a lot of game saves for no reason and it still isn't enough room. The screws got stuck too when I was trying to unscrew the case of the old hard drive. I need help please. I've been trying to unscrew them for hours.

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    The stick has the latest PS3 software on it. To transfer data, you need an external loaner hard drive. See:

    PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade


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      The USB stick isn't for data transfer. If you want that, you need to see the option on our website for that purpose. In that case, we send a loaner drive instead of the USB stick.

      The purpose of the USB stick is that the PS3 requires it to get the firmware on the replacement drive. It's not for data transfer.
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        Even I have been using USB sticks since college days.I find them really very efficient and a great storage devise.But reading about your situation it seems things have got really messed up.