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  • SWM Installation help

    With the mandated DTV HD upgrade I had to change my setup at our lake location. Had a SD receiver setup and had to change due to mandate. I Used the "free"(bills gone up 20/mo due to DVR I do not want and won't use) upgraded receiver at primary residence and brought the replaced H24-100 to our secondary residence. Bought a new HD dish with SWM and power inserter off eBay. Installed new dish on roof where the old one was and it's level and secure. Set to elevation 45* and AZ of 189.8(used cell phone compass app). I used all existing coax(not RG-6 I believe). There is a 3' coax coming off the LNB to an inline coax connector. The exit side of this connector goes to the LNB port of the power inserter. There is a 4' coax going from the IRD to the receiver. After the receiver goes through it's setup/detection stage I get the dreaded 771 error message then after a bit I get the 775 error message. I researched and did the power inserter reset in hopes that would do it, no. Attempting to setup in the 65079 zip code. Any and all help would be appreciated. TIA Pete

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    Make sure your H24 does not have b-band converters attached.


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      No converter attached


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        You might want to have DIRECTV come out and align your dish and confirm that everything is working properly. The wiring between dish to receiver sounds fine. You could also have a bad part from the ebay seller, a bad piece of coax, etc. It's impossible for us to tell, unfortunately.