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Need help with SWM install

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  • Need help with SWM install

    I have a slimline dish with SWM lnb. I pointed the dish using the ASL, but I got a strength of 53 for 101, and 65 for 119 through the meter. I connected this directly through the PI to a hr20-700, which shows 0 signal strength for every satellite. I verified again with the ASL inside that I have signal strength.

    I did not install the BBCs. I'm stumped and about to order a non-SWM LNB so that I can get my stuff working.

    Not sure if my signal is too weak. Any help is appeciated. This is driving me crazy.

    All the cables are rg6-quad shield with compression fittings.

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    That really just sounds like an aiming issue. Can you try aiming it again?
    Been here a long time . . .