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SWM Setup w/DirecTV

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  • SWM Setup w/DirecTV

    Hey all,

    I have an HD DVR receiver, HR24-200, an HD receiver, HR23-600 and 2 Standard receivers. The HD DVR is connected to a SWM Power Inserter, the other devices are straight connected.

    There is 1 line coming out from the Dish into a standard 4 way splitter.

    I recently purchased an HR34. My goal is to replace the HR24 with the HR34, replace the HR23 with the HR24 and replace 1 standard with the HR23.

    I'm assuming I'd use the setup.

    Question 1:

    I know that I need an 8 way SWM switch. But in looking at the wiring diagrams, it is showing 4 wires coming from the Dish to the SWM splitter. Is this correct? IF so I do run the single line from the dish into a 4 way splitter, then connect those 4 lines to the SWM switch as it shown in the diagram?

    Question 2:

    In the 3/4 diagram with 2 1x2 spliters, how would I connect a Standard receiver?

    Hopefully this makes sense and thank you for any help

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    OK - it sounds like you have a SWM dish, right?

    Next, you'll need more than a SWM8 - you'll need a SWM16. You list an HR34, HR24, HR23, and 1 receiver as your new setup. That's 10 tuners. So you need a SWM16 since you're over 8 tuners.

    You need to swap your SWM LNB with a non-SWM LNB, and then get a SWM16 for that. Put the HR34 on one SWM port, and everything else on the splitter on the other port.
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      I hate to say this, but you are talking to a complete dummy when it comes to this technology, seeing how I work with Enterprise wide servers all day long.

      I'm assuming I have a SWM dish, how do I tell for sure? It is the dish they put up when I changed from SD to HD.

      I also assume the LNB is what receives the signal from the Dish. How is this going to affect my HD service?

      Which non-SWM LNB do I need? I'm seeing a couple different types. I'm assuming I need the SL5 5 LNB Non-SWM.


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        If you have one cable coming out of the dish, and a splitter later on the cable, and a power inserter in there somewhere, you have SWM. You can also press the "-" button on the remote and it should say SWM on-screen.

        The LNB is the part of the dish that receives the bounced signals off the reflector and translates that into the coax cable signal. As long as you don't move the dish, your HD should be unaffected.

        If you have a 3LNB SWM (SL3S) then you need a regular 3LNB (SL3). Same for the 5.
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