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Can't record channel and watch another-R22/SWM8

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  • Can't record channel and watch another-R22/SWM8

    To shorten a long story... am helping a son with his (new to him) R22 connected via single wire from SWM8 (my 1st experience with SWM). We cannot record one channel and watch another. The cable is connected to Input 1 (SWM) on receiver, SWM port 1 (port 2 terminated), antenna: slimline-5, switch type: SWM, tuners: single. I tried setting tuners to dual but once the receiver restarted the setup had returned to single.

    What's up? What is the proper tuner setting for single wire, single or dual? On the signal strength display are you supposed to see one or two tuners locked? I know it's supposed to work with a single wire but if something is wrong with the receiver would it work by using a (proper) splitter to feed the second tuner?

    Also, I doubt this is related but there is another issue: I cannot get the receiver to work in RF remote mode. I've tried two different remotes, an RC64 and an RC65. One of them I know worked as RF with another receiver, and I believe I am programming them properly as I've had no issues programming my seven remotes to operate my two HR24s. Any ideas what's up with this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Sounds like you might just have a bad R22. That's a relatively rare unit these days, and we don't have a lot of experience with them. But was it new? Had it been in use elsewhere?

    Have you tried just pressing the red reset button?

    The setup looks correct.
    Been here a long time . . .