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Equipment Help Switching from Dish to DirecTV

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  • Equipment Help Switching from Dish to DirecTV

    I am switching from Dish to DirecTV. My Dish 722 modulated the 1st and 2nd tuner output that was distributed throughout my house. I have several wall mounted TVs that only require Coax to be able to pick up SD signals (SD is sufficient for these TVs). I'd like to do something similar (so that I don't need to have receivers for infrequently used TVs) and my understanding based on reading various posts on this forum is the way I'll need to do that is as follows:

    1) Connect component output of HR34 to a Component to Composite converter. This will avoid the issue of the HR34 wanting to switch to SD if I use a non-HD capable ouput on the HR34

    2) Modulate the Composite signal (ideally to UHF frequency for longer runs)

    3) Diplex the modulated signal into the coax line (can I diplex into the same cable that goes into the HR34 to send the signal back to the main coax junction area in my home?) using an SWM compatible diplexer

    4) Use SWM compatible splitters either at the main junction point of my coax cables for locations that only require the modulated signal or at each end point (HD Receivers as well as Coax only TVs for the modulated channel)

    I have a few questions:

    1) Is the way I described the above "correct"? Can I diplex the signal through the cable that runs to the HR34?
    2) Is there an easier way to accomplish this?
    3) Does it make a difference if DirecTV installs a SWM LNB / SWM ODU or a SWM 8 (I only plan to have the HR34 and up to 3 HD receivers)? Not sure if the SWM 8 would allow me to use the built in OTA diplexer and if that would be preferable
    4) Does doing the above compromise the whole home DVR? If so, is there another way to do this without completely separating the modulated COAX signal to an isolated set of connections without diplexing?

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    I wish I could help entirely, but we really don't have expertise with this type of modulated setup. I can help a bit with some of the questions.

    3,4 - You can put OTA in either SWM setup, but that means you won't be able to use DECA. DECA (whole home DVR) and OTA use the same bandwidth.
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      Thanks for the quick response. In place of DECA, can I use hardwire Ethernet to each receiver?

      In other words, the only use for the coax would be to distribute the modulated output and all DirecTV receivers would have Ethernet only? Is I do this, are the DirecTV receivers limited to only DVR viewing or will they also allow watching live TV?

      If I do redistribute OTA, does it matter which SWM I get (LNB or SWM8)?


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        Yes - you can use hardwired ethernet.

        In that case, the SWM doesn't matter and OTA can still be diplexed.
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