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Intermittent 771\755 error message

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  • Intermittent 771\755 error message

    I have been a Directv user since 1996. All dishes and equipment have been self installed. About 5 years ago I installed a new Slimline Dish and a SWM-8 and all has been operating perfectly since then. I have 2, HD DVR's and 2, HD receivers connected to the SWM-8.

    Recently, one of the receivers has showed intermittent 771\755 error messages, and the video breaks up. This happens when the receiver is first turned on, but after an hour or so the receiver seems to work ok. I also get loss of guide info and other messages. A reboot sometimes help. Signal strength readings are excellent, but slow to display on some satellites. Now, one of the DVR's is very slow switching channels and sometimes exhibits the same symptoms, but not as often. The other 2 ird's work fine.

    The SWM is under my back deck and is shielded from rain, ice and snow. The PI29R1-03 29V Power Inserter is located in a basement room about 10 feet from the SWM-8.

    I feel pretty sure that cables and\or connectors are NOT the issue. But, info found here and on other sites leads me to believe that a defective Power Inserter may be the issue. The SWM-8 is located about 80-90 feet from the Slimline Dish.

    Could a defective Power Inserter affect only 2 out of 4 receivers? Or is there something else in play?

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    Well, if the PI isn't giving enough voltage, the signal could be degrading over that longer run.

    Have you tried switching the locations of the receivers to see if the problem stays with the location or the receiver?
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      It has been working good as described for 5 years. I do notm want to move receivers around if at all possible. I have:
      2, HR22-100
      1, H21-200
      1, H20-100

      The PI feeds the LNB at the Slimline Dish. And the 80 ft run to the dish has been okm for 5 years.


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        Well, we can sell you a replacement power inserter if you'd like. I just can't guarantee it'll fix the problems.
        Been here a long time . . .