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simple swm system question

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  • simple swm system question

    I have a Directv system with a sl3 lnb (sl3s4r5-01) and a H24-100 receiver that I want to connect to one tv. My question is do I have to use a power inserter (PI-21) and a splitter for this system to work and if so how should it be wired.

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    You don't need a splitter with one receiver, but you do need a power inserter there - 21 volt.
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      Thanks for your reply

      I have a few questions before I try to setup my new dish.

      My current setup is a 4 wire lnb with the dish mount to my roof running to one h24-100 receiver with a b-band converter.

      My new setup in a dish mount on a pole at ground level with a single wire lnb (sl3 s4r5-01) and I have a PI-21 power inserter.

      My questions are do I need to use the B-band converter and do I need to make any changes to my receiver settings?

      Thanks for your help.


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        no, you remove the b-band converter.

        you will likely have to repeat satellite setup when you change the dish to a swm dish.