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    Hi there. New to the site,so,take it easy on me. Not sure,if I'm posting this thread in the right spot either. So,we had Directv installed on the 18th. It went out yesterday. Tried the normal,refreshing/resetting the SWM and reciever. Nothing. The dreaded 775 code. "Can't detect swm". Lnb? SatIn coax? We did have a little bit of wind and rain about same time it went out. I've checked all connections on the ground. So,ANY help would be appreciated guys and gals. Really can't afford an extra 100.00 tech fee. (IF it's not needed) Let the troubleshooting begin...Thanks in advance! BG in Ny

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    If you just had it installed, and if DTV themselves did it, I can't see why there would be a fee this soon. They do have some guarantee on the installation.
    Been here a long time . . .