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Possible to move hard drive from one TiVo to another?

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  • Possible to move hard drive from one TiVo to another?

    Background: After a power outage Friday night (no storm, no flickers, just no power for 2 hrs.), my TCD 540140 (S2, single tuner) has no audio for live programs, those recorded before or after the outage, or for TiVo remote functins. It was plugged into a UPS with surge protection, but that apparently didn't help. Video works, and audio is fine when bypassing the TiVo and connecting the DishNetwork receiver directly to the TV. I've unplugged, reset the system, walked thru the guided setup and spent quality time with TiVo Tech Support, who determined that I'm SOL with this TiVo. A new S2-DT will arrive tomorrow.

    My question: Can I move the hard drive from this silent unit to the smaller TCD 540040 that I also have? Preference would be to add it as a 2nd drive, but would certanly consider just replacing it, as that would double storage capacity. In either case, would I lose the programs on either drive, or need to transfer them prior to embarking on this adventure? If adding as a 2nd drive, what would I need for the job besides brackets, and where are detailed instructions? I took a look at the interactive upgrade instructions, but the ones I got when I selected the 'Add' option were for replacing the 540040's existing drive.

    Any suggestions for the simplest solution or other optinos gratefully accepted!


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    Yes, you can move the drive. After the move, choose "clear and delete everything"; you will lose everything, but this is the only way to get it to work.

    The 540140 drive must replace the 540040 drive unless it is reprogrammed.


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      Thanks for your reply! I want to be sure I'm understanding correctly. Is it the "clear and delete everything" step that reprograms the 540140? And, by this reprogramming step, I'm able to have both drives in the old 540040?

      If I've got that right, I think I read that the 540040 does require brackets. What cables, etc., are also needed? I'm guessing I'll also need the Torx screwdrivers and/or L-keys (either? both?). Is there a WK kit and/or step-by-step instructions for my scenario?

      Thanks, again - I'm so glad to hear that I'll be able to salvage part of this disaster.



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        You'd only get one drive in the destination 540040. If you want to get two in there, you need this info:

        Then you'd need one of these brackets:
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