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HR-24 receiver connected to external HD dead

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  • HR-24 receiver connected to external HD dead

    I need some guidance prepping for the delivery later this afternoon of our new HR-24 receiver. Our current one, which is connected to an external HD, went belly up earlier this week, and DTV is coming out to replace it. I know I can't save the programming on the external drive, since it's registered to the dead receiver. But I want to re-use this drive on the new receiver. What do I need to do to make that happen? Will the new receiver automatically wipe or re-write over the contents on the drive? Or do I need to do some fancy work on it in order to retrieve the space that the programming is taking up on the drive?

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    You should be able to connect the drive to the new box and then manually delete any recordings that show up in the list. They won't be playable.