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SAT-T60 Backup-Restore fails

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  • SAT-T60 Backup-Restore fails

    My current 200 GB Samsung drives are starting to fail. I am getting picture halts and artifacts on the screen. I purchased two new Western Digital 250GB AV drives as replacements.

    I preformed a backup and restore using the Mfstools floppy which took 37 hours because I wanted to save my recordings.

    Unfortunately, the screen on the PC says that the drive B expansion failed and the SAT-T60 will not advance past the "welcome" screen with the new drives installed. I re-installed the old drives and everything still works. I am not trying to gain more recording space, only replace the failing drives.

    Below is the text that was on my Pc's screen after running Mfstools.

    # mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hda /dev/hdb | mfsrestore -r 4 -s 127 -xzpi - /dev/hdc /dev/hdd
    Scanning source drive. Please wait a moment.
    Source drive size is 39 hours
    - Upgraded to 150 hours
    - Upgraded to 153 hours
    - Upgraded to 270 hours
    Uncompressed backup size: 226706 megabytes
    Starting restore226706 megabytes (0.00%)
    Uncompressed backup size: 226706 megabytes
    Backing up 226706 of 226706 Megabytes (100.0%)
    Backup done!

    Cleaning up restore. Please wait a moment.
    Restore done!
    Adding pair /dev/hdcI4-/dev/hdcI5
    New estimated standalone size: 293 hours (23 More)
    Adding pair /dev/hdd8-/dev/hdd9
    No space in volume list for new volumes.
    Drive B expansion failed.

    I originally added a 120 GB B drive to my factory 40GB drive in 2001. I then installed the current 200GB drives in 2003. I have always used the Mfstools floppy and the Hinsdale instructions for my upgrades without any previous problems.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The reason for the expansion failure is probably that you've actually already expanded the A drive, so it can't be expanded again. That's most likely - the error messages aren't always perfectly on target.

    But those drives should still boot if your old ones did. Are they PATA/IDE drives?
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      Yes, they are IDE drives. My SAT-T60 is 11 years old. I was hoping I could copy my failing drives to new ones without expanding.


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        To do it without expansion, you'd take the "x" out of the restore command.

        But even so, this should still boot.

        Are the destination drives brand-new?
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          The drives are brand new 250GB western digital AV type. I did a full format and sector check from windows xp to make sure they were not defective before using Mfstools. I thought Msftools would overwrite anything that windows did to them.


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            Yup - it will.

            I'd try a backup without recordings and see what happens. We have full instructions for that here:

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              Thank you for that suggestion. I will try a backup-restore without programs and then post a reply with the results.


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                As you suggested, I made a backup image using the BootCD and then restored the image to one of my new 250GB drives. There were no errors during the backup-restore. When I installed the new A drive to test the image, it still wouldn't advance past the welcome screen.

                Thinking that the Sony SAT-T60 might be having a problem with a 250GB drive, I restored the Tivo image to an 80GB new drive that I had on hand. This drive seemed to boot in the SAT-T60 but it ended up showing a green screen saying that there was a serious error and that I should connect my phone line for three hours and an automatic repair would be attempted.

                I removed the new 80GB drive and re-installed the 200GB drives that had been working (but were developing problems). The SAT-T60 booted up normally and seems to be working fine.

                Is the the SAT-T60 unable to handle 250GB drives even though 200GB drives are OK? Did the green error screen mean that my backup image is no good?

                Thanks again for the continued help.


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                  There's a whole kernel issue with drives over 137 GB, but that shouldn't keep drives from booting - issues would potentially show up later. But if you have 200 GB drives, you may already be patched.

                  I think your original drives are just not in good enough shape to get a good copy, considering the GSOD with the 80.
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                    I still have my TIVO.BAK file from Nov. 16, 2001. I will try to restore it to my 250GB drive as well as the 80GB drive, put each on in the Tivo and see if they boot OK.


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                      Wow - good for you for having it for that long!
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