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Series1 upgrade with Hinsdale

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  • Series1 upgrade with Hinsdale

    I have a series1 with a 20gb HD ...

    I upgraded to a 160gb and copied over my recording and tested it in my tivo and everything was there.....

    Next thing i wanted to see the full size of the 160gb so i put it back in the pc and did # mfsadd x /dev/hda /dev/hdb and now it showed 175 hours...

    I put it back in my tivo and its now stuck on your tivo is powering up and thats it.......any help please? thanks
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    That command you ran presumes there are two drives. So either you blitzed the 160gb drive or you ran the command in the wrong kernel. The Series 1 cannot see more than 137gb of a 160gb drive.


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      Thats what i thought i did.........i just happened to have a 160 quickview drive so right now i was coping the drive over again......i was just looking for how to get even the 137gb's of that drive......but i was reading so much all i did was get mixed up ! thanks