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  • possible doa drive

    I have a Std Def TCD649080. I ordered a 320 gig replacement, your order number WeaKnees Order #848950, Mon, 31 Jan 2011 11:26:14. I just got around to re-installing in time for Daytona - figured a half hour. Wore groundstrap on wrist to chasis. Followed the instructions (used the newly supplied IDE cable, not the old one; put the adapter on the HD as shown in amendment with the instructions). Put it back together -it is stuck on the "Powering up..." screen (green light on the front as normal). I pulled the tivo, reopened it, and made sure all the cables were correct and seated - blue on motherboard, black to the HD. Jumper in place as described in the instructions. No contact with the ribbon cable to the front. Power cable tight. Put it all back together.

    Same - stuck on powering up... again. Pulled it, disconnected everything (incl the new HD adapter), made all the connections firmly again. Back together again; no change.

    Rechecked all instructions. Took it apart, put it together. Stuck at powering up... for 10 mins.

    Pulled it, reinstalled the old cable and drive, it now works like before I started. I believe the new drive to be dead, unless somehow I missed something.

    What now?


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    Try the new cable with the old drive, and also with the new parts, tell us what the lights do on the adapter board when you boot.
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