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Green screen, tivo encountered error

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  • Green screen, tivo encountered error

    I got the green screen error which indicated that Tivo had encountered a serious problem and would try to repair.It didn't and this message kept cycling. Reading this forum, wanted to see if the problem was a bad hard drive. I had an external WD 1TB esate my dvr expander attached to my Series 3 Tivo. After I disconnected the external drive from Tivo, everything is working fine now.

    The only problem is all my recordings were stored on the external drive. Is there any way to try to recover anything?

    Great forum, thanks for any help with this?

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    Sorry to say, once you divorce the external, there's really no way to get those recordings back.

    To make sure the internal drive is OK, you should do a kickstart 54 on it:
    Been here a long time . . .