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TiVo without CableCard mandate

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  • TiVo without CableCard mandate

    In September, 2020, the FCC dropped its mandate that Cable TV companies supply CableCards. Charter/Spectrum, for one, no longer supports CableCards. Although I can continue to use mine with a "legacy" account, no new Spectrum subscriber can use TiVo, and I cannot change my account without abandoning TiVo. I can only assume that other Cable TV providers will do the same thing. Is TiVo considering any fix, or does this effectively put TiVo out of business?

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    Can you cite a source for the Spectrum/Charter info?

    I haven’t seen that anywhere else.
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      I am afraid I neglected to get a copy of the online chat where I was given this information. A bit of background is necesssary.

      My ISP provider for years has been Earthlink, however their high-speed internet was actually supplied through a contract with Charter/Spectrum (my CableTV provider). That contract is ending. I was given about 2 weeks' notice that this was happening. I needed to decide whether to have Earthlink or Charter/Spectrum as my ISP. It turns out that Earthlink does not provide any high-speed internet in my area (contrary to the information in their notice), and Charter/Spectrum would keep my same speed and pricing, so I decided to use Charter/Spectrum as my ISP.

      I have Charter/Spectrum CableTV under a legacy account from Adelphia, before Charter took it over. I inquired of the Spectrum rep whether I could get a better deal than the one I currently have. They suggested that I could get the "Gold" plan, but that use of their box was mandatory. When I asked if I could use TiVo instead, they said "No," it was not compatible with their current programming. I chatted with two different reps. They stated that they no longer provide or support CableCards. They said that I could continue to use TiVo under my legacy account, but I could not use it with any new account, including a change to my current account.

      I contacted TiVo directly, but the person on their chat did not seem very knowledgeable and suggested that the solution was to use streaming services! That is obviously not a solution. I know you folks pretty much have your finger on the TiVo pulse (and you did provide a few of my TiVo units), so yours is my next stop. I am sorry I neglected to get this in writing, but I am sure you can verify it with Charter/Spectrum. On the other hand, if you get contrary information I would love to hear it.


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        We really have no contacts at cable companies, and it is possible that a change here has occurred, but I feel like we'd be hearing about this a ton if it were the case. Maybe it's a local issue at your local Spectrum office?

        You said you've tried twice, but I'd maybe try again, but calling the 800 number.
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          I was actually told this by two different representatives on chat, and by a representative on the telephone. I don't think I was ever in touch with a "local" office. I'll try to get further verification.


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            Their website sure doesn't indicate of this:


            How do I get a CableCARD?

            CableCARDs must be leased from Spectrum and can be self-installed or activated by a professional installer. Pick up your CableCARD at your local Spectrum store or have it delivered to your home. CableCARD-compatible retail devices can be purchased at retail stores as well.
            Interested in getting a CableCARD? Contact us.


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              Apparently there are just a few folks at Spectrum who do not know what is going on. I posted my issue in the community support forum there, and an administrator replied that everybody I talked to was wrong, and that Spectrum will continue to support TiVo. I verified that the previous information I had gotten was wrong with yet another phone call. Sorry to have sent up a flag, but it is good to know you folks are there. Thanks.


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                Great! Thanks for the confirmation.

                This certainly may happen someday, but we're glad to hear that isn't today.
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                  FWIW, I realize this thread has been dormant for a while but I was able to get CCs sent to me in May 2020, as well as replacements just yesterday from Spectrum (fmr Time-Warner) in Louisville. I move between two homes - both with Spectrum accounts (TWC - Britehouse) and have stopped canceling/restarting (as opposed to seasonal holds) because they have become difficult to get. Spectrum stores here no longer carry them (they've become all about phones). I had to get them sent to me (May 2020) and had to speak with the "retention" department to even find someone who would admit that they could still be sent