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  • TiVo without CableCard mandate

    In September, 2020, the FCC dropped its mandate that Cable TV companies supply CableCards. Charter/Spectrum, for one, no longer supports CableCards. Although I can continue to use mine with a "legacy" account, no new Spectrum subscriber can use TiVo, and I cannot change my account without abandoning TiVo. I can only assume that other Cable TV providers will do the same thing. Is TiVo considering any fix, or does this effectively put TiVo out of business?

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    Can you cite a source for the Spectrum/Charter info?

    I haven’t seen that anywhere else.
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      I am afraid I neglected to get a copy of the online chat where I was given this information. A bit of background is necesssary.

      My ISP provider for years has been Earthlink, however their high-speed internet was actually supplied through a contract with Charter/Spectrum (my CableTV provider). That contract is ending. I was given about 2 weeks' notice that this was happening. I needed to decide whether to have Earthlink or Charter/Spectrum as my ISP. It turns out that Earthlink does not provide any high-speed internet in my area (contrary to the information in their notice), and Charter/Spectrum would keep my same speed and pricing, so I decided to use Charter/Spectrum as my ISP.

      I have Charter/Spectrum CableTV under a legacy account from Adelphia, before Charter took it over. I inquired of the Spectrum rep whether I could get a better deal than the one I currently have. They suggested that I could get the "Gold" plan, but that use of their box was mandatory. When I asked if I could use TiVo instead, they said "No," it was not compatible with their current programming. I chatted with two different reps. They stated that they no longer provide or support CableCards. They said that I could continue to use TiVo under my legacy account, but I could not use it with any new account, including a change to my current account.

      I contacted TiVo directly, but the person on their chat did not seem very knowledgeable and suggested that the solution was to use streaming services! That is obviously not a solution. I know you folks pretty much have your finger on the TiVo pulse (and you did provide a few of my TiVo units), so yours is my next stop. I am sorry I neglected to get this in writing, but I am sure you can verify it with Charter/Spectrum. On the other hand, if you get contrary information I would love to hear it.


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        We really have no contacts at cable companies, and it is possible that a change here has occurred, but I feel like we'd be hearing about this a ton if it were the case. Maybe it's a local issue at your local Spectrum office?

        You said you've tried twice, but I'd maybe try again, but calling the 800 number.
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          I was actually told this by two different representatives on chat, and by a representative on the telephone. I don't think I was ever in touch with a "local" office. I'll try to get further verification.


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            Their website sure doesn't indicate of this:


            How do I get a CableCARD?

            CableCARDs must be leased from Spectrum and can be self-installed or activated by a professional installer. Pick up your CableCARD at your local Spectrum store or have it delivered to your home. CableCARD-compatible retail devices can be purchased at retail stores as well.
            Interested in getting a CableCARD? Contact us.


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              Apparently there are just a few folks at Spectrum who do not know what is going on. I posted my issue in the community support forum there, and an administrator replied that everybody I talked to was wrong, and that Spectrum will continue to support TiVo. I verified that the previous information I had gotten was wrong with yet another phone call. Sorry to have sent up a flag, but it is good to know you folks are there. Thanks.


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                Great! Thanks for the confirmation.

                This certainly may happen someday, but we're glad to hear that isn't today.
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                  FWIW, I realize this thread has been dormant for a while but I was able to get CCs sent to me in May 2020, as well as replacements just yesterday from Spectrum (fmr Time-Warner) in Louisville. I move between two homes - both with Spectrum accounts (TWC - Britehouse) and have stopped canceling/restarting (as opposed to seasonal holds) because they have become difficult to get. Spectrum stores here no longer carry them (they've become all about phones). I had to get them sent to me (May 2020) and had to speak with the "retention" department to even find someone who would admit that they could still be sent


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                    I am now getting notices from Spectrum in the Dallas Fort Worth area that cable cards are no longer supported for any future Spectrum upgrades.
                    I've been emailed, called and sent a letter in the mail offering different options. They are not saying that my TIVO cable card will be cut off yet.
                    Have there been any discussions on TIVO adapters etc for discontinued cable cards?
                    I have a bad feeling this is explains the TIVO edge fire sales and cheap all in prices????


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                      I'm with Optimum in NYC (Bronx). It's impossible to get service for cable cards through normal channels anymore. A general suggestion to all is to do what I did with Optimum: Threaten to drop your service. I believe each of these, trying to keep us in the fold of old-school cable subscribers, will bend over backwards to the extent of their ability. The lady at Optimum put me on to a department called OAS (Optimum Advanced Services). The rep I spoke with - to bind my CC to a TiVo with a new WeaKnees hard drive - said it's a team of tenured employees from before the takeover by Altice (in 2016). He gave me the team's phone number and his extension. He was able to quickly and easily do what more recent CSRs could not. Anyway, we all need some luck to get through this, I hope my newly restored TiVo doesn't soon end up being a boat anchor!


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                        So it's happened. I live just ourside of Los Angeles County and Spectrum has discontinued support of cable cards and tuning adapters (ours just flash forever and won't connect anymore). We can't get any of the premium channels we pay extra for, and about 200 other channels (a few of which we like to watch regularly). They've told me they will not be bringing the High Split Converter to my area and they just keep offering to provide me with their boxes (at no discount). I've threatened to leave and they just say that it's my choice to do what I want.

                        I really love my (not very old) Tivo. Anyone figured out a way to deal with this?


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                          I became a new Spectrum Florida customer about two years ago- switching from Xfinity/Comcast when Spectrum promised me they would fully support my three TiVos (a Bolt+, a Roamio Plus, and a Roamio Pro). It took dozens of visits by Spectrum technicians and many escalations up through the Spectrum chain of command, but they eventually got everything working with cable cards and tuning adapter boxes. Yes, I still have to reboot all of the boxes every couple of months when the tuning adapters start blinking, but otherwise everything has been working fine... until yesterday when the HD in my Bolt+ suddenly died. My immediate inclination was to go to WeaKnees for a repair. But on second thought, I'm wondering if the HD replacement will make me have to go back to ground zero with Spectrum- a very painful prospect. I emailed WeakNees to ask them if replacing the HD will cause the Bolt+ to lose its cable card and tuning adapter configurations, but I haven't received a reply yet.


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                            We're totally current on our email so maybe check your spam folder, or make sure you emailed us at [email protected] - the spelling is tricky.

                            In any event, you generally don't have to re-pair a CableCard after a drive change. But maybe 5% of the time, you do have to.

                            For the best chances of not having to re-pair, get our data recovery for Bolts:


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                              Thanks for responding. The "email" I referred to was submitted yesterday through the WeaKnees "Contact Us" page at Contact Us ( I have not found any replies lurking in my junk mail folder.

                              Based on your message above about the high likelihood that data recovery will preserve CableCard pairing, can I assume it will also likely preserve tuning adapter pairing?