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  • Good Reference Information

    Thanks for coming to the forums!

    We're all happy to help with any SWM issues in this forum. We've had a lot of experience using these switches, and we're up for the challenge of helping in any situation we can.

    Our sales and information page is here:

    WeaKnees Single Wire Multiswitch Page

    In addition, if you're looking for more information, you might find some here:

    SWM Information
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    Has anyone any experience diplexing a backfeed through SWM.
    Salt Lake City


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      You have to be a bit more specific. What are you trying to send through the SWM? Cable? Antenna? Security camera? We have customers who have done it all...


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        I have 4 satellite receivers (non direcTV), 2 DVD-R's, 1 DirecTV receiver and a couple of other odds and ends feeds going through 9 modulators diplexed into two SWM8's and back out at every box, works excellent. Can't wait till I can afford one of the new ZeeVee boxes and add an HD channel through that too!



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          I'am connecting a DTV antenna to the SWM8.


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            DIRECTV swears SWM not available

            When I moved, they said the product was coming September 2008 (now I feel they just told me that so I wouldn't cancel), not they are telling me it's not available in my market and there are no plans for providing it in the future. I've been with DIRECTV for 10 years, and when I moved I got stuck with a new contract. As soon as it's over, I'm probably going to leave.

            Unless, I can do this myself. I have 2 lines running to 2 receivers, but I have one additional receiver that only has 1 line running to it. It is the DIRECTV DVR R10. This the only receiver need 2 lines run to it or where I need to split the signal. Does anyone have any ideas???
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              Unfortunately, the R10 can't use a SWM signal at all, so you'll always need two lines to it.
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                SWM8 - R15-100 model DVR

                Can the R15-100 use the SWM? I have that one in the living room. I could move it to the bedroom since we have 2 lines running in there.


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                  Nope - R16 or newer, for standard def DVRs.
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                    Ok, I see. DirecTV says one of the benefits I get as a loyal customer are free DVR upgrades. I may have to call them on that. I'll twitter them and see what I can get.


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                      Just be clear on what they're giving you. Whatever it is, it'll likely entail a two-year commitment to them.
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                        I have the satellite dish on the roof. There are 4 coaxial feeds from roof to each set top box. I have more than 4 tv's and all are home run coax from basement to each room plus each run is a quard so 2 coax plus cat 5 and phone.

                        I want to add coax to the hd dvr so we can record 1 watch another station then also network the settop boxes of course after i connect to dish. Right now I have 2 connected via cat 5 and quality is good.

                        So if I add a SW8 in the attic where the feeds connect to the dish besides ac electrical powwer what else do i need to do? I do have coax runs from attic to basement where the other coax runs start then go to each room

                        Any help is appreciated


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                          There are excellent wiring diagrams for SWMs at these two locations:




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                            Ok there are 4 connections from the satellite dish which i assume are home run to each set top box. This is where i get lost because the descriptions for the swm indicate 18 and 13 volts so where do i connect the coax cables that go to the set top box.

                            I assume the 4 feeds i see going to the dish are just the coax runs from the set top to the dish or is there an interface i just dont see


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                              The four wires from the dish go to the SWM. Then, from SWM1, a wire can go inside the house and split into up to 8 legs to go to each receiver. Please see the wiring diagrams referenced above.
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