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Help! I need to connect be beloved UTV..

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  • Help! I need to connect be beloved UTV..

    My wife just got Directv service. She got three HD DVR receivers (2 of which are DVR's) and 3 regular receivers. The tech came out and installed everything rather quickly. Looks like he ran 1 wire from my dish into a splitter and 5 wires out of the splitters to the receivers. There are three outputs remaining unused in the splitter. I ask him if I could run a couple of wires from there to my basement to connect my UTV. He said that old DVR's won't work with the new swm setup. Is there something I can get to hook up my UTV other than putting up an older dish? Please advise with installation instructions as well for this newbie. Thanks.
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    You would have to get a different dish or different LNB--one with 4 lines down--to use your UTV. With this and a SWM8, you could use your same wiring, but also use the UTV. See:

    (you'd need a standard non-SWM slimline dish)


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      Thanks for reply. Just a couple of more questions. Do I need to purchase the power Inserter or will the connection work with only the swm8? Also, based on the diagrams do I need to connect 4 wires from my swm dish to the swm8 or can I used just the one wire that the tech used. If I need to use 4 wires then I can refer back to the diagram, however if the answer is I can use just the 1 wire then which intput does it get connected to in the swm8? I'm figuring I can use two of the legacy ports to connect directly into my UTV tuners. Another wire is connected from the SWM1 port to the Power input on the inserter. The signal to IRD cord gets connected to the 1x8 splitter. Am I on the right track? Did I forget anything?


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        You need four lines from the dish--hence the need for a new dish/LNB.

        The SWM8 comes with the power inserter and it's required.

        Yes, your UTV will use 2 legacy ports.

        You seem to have it about right, subject to the above corrections/clarifications.


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          So if I understand correctly, I probably have currently a Directv SWM 3 or 5LNB Dish with built in single wire multiswitch . But my UTV will only work if I get a standard module 3 (does this have 4 wires capability?) or 5 LNBs. I can just switch the LNBs and run the 4 wires to the swm8. So what I need to purchase is a 3 or 5 LNB module and a SWM8 (includes power inserter). Do I have it now?

          I was just thinking, can I purchase a dual LND and run two wires into a zinwell 6x8 multiswitch to get the 4 wires i need? That way I have an additional 4 extra from the 6x8 to use for future old dvr connection. Will this work as well or will I be losing some frequency?

          Thanks for your time...


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            Your first paragraph is right. Non-swm, 3LNB or 5LNB (depending on your zip code) is what you need. Each has 4 lines down. They go into the SWM8.

            Your second paragraph is way off. Forget every word of it. If you need future old DVRs, you can connect a 6x8 to two of the legacy ports of the SWM8.


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              Ok I got it now. Zipcode is 07003, so last question is which lnb do I need? Thanks for all your help.


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                Pretty sure you are in the NY market, so a 3LNB slimline should be fine.